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International leading pre-processing technology, The process design of automatic spray line is reasonable, beautiful and durable. The equipment automation degree is high, the performance is reliable, the operation is simple, effectively guarantees the product quality, realizes the safety and efficiency, and the green environmental protection target. Strict "processing technology" determines the adhesion and anti-corrosion capability of the surface coating of the product!
Market Application.The product suitable for Nuclear, Airport, Port, Industry, Municipal, Transportation, Water conservancy, Park and others.
About us
METALTEC belongs to Minmetals Group,it is mainly responsible for Minmetals high-end brand purse Seine METALTEC ® in the Chinese market development and sales.Minmetals Group is the large-scale producer and exporter of wire mesh, garden fence and pile in China, since be established in 2004. The headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province. The factory Hebei Wuxin Garden Products Co., Ltd. is the main production base of METALTEC products. Since the company founded, adhering to the constant spirit of enterprise, committed to "Each product shows the highest standards of the era and the excellent Chinese manufacturing process."
  • Minmetals Group was founded in 2004
    Minmetals Group was founded in 2004
  • 1,500 employees worldwide
    1,500 employees worldwide
  • 2.3 billion yuan in 2017
    2.3 billion yuan in 2017
  • It has partners in more than 30 countries
    It has partners in more than 30 countries